About me

I am a Visualizer and Graphic Designer with a good all round experience in motion graphics and video editing.
During my five years of extensive experience in an advertising Company, I have mastered solid skills in all activities of advertising arena and
I am exclusively exploring for extra excellence with my all assignments, which enables me to fine tune my talents for the best encounters ever made.
I have worked for a variety of clients and possess a precious portfolio which portrays a perfect panorama about my clear creative consciousness.
I have graduation in Computer Science from University of Calicut, and Diploma in Animation and Visual Effetcs.
I am enthusiastic, motivated and competitive and feel confident with my communication skills through the universal language English and real power of colors.

Dec 19, 2008


Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Betray, The One You Love...
The One You Love Won't Trust
If You Let Lust Get You...

Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Trick You, The One You Love...
Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Leave You, The One You Love...

Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Tell You That It Loves You,
But Really Doesn't It ill Hurt You...

Every Time Don't Let Lust Get You
Because In The End
You are The One That Feels Like Shit! ! !

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